Fathomless; A short Story 



It was the winter of 71, and in the glorious hours before sunrise with frost numbing our faces, we marched routinely to the breakfast hall with Government Issue plastic mugs in hand to savour the stewed tea and powdered coffee, but at least it was warm.  On entering the hall we were met by the whiff of stewed vegetables, a pungent hangover from the previous evening’s culinary delights, a far cry from mother’s extremely good home cooking.   The odour hung in the frigid air of the mess hall and any, if not all noses wrinkled at the effrontery.It seemed that even the scrambled eggs had been impregnated with the seeping odour, reminding me of beached kelp and other living organisms that come ashore from the depths of our oceans.

This semi autobiographical story is free for you to download and read

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