Book 1

The first chapter finds Daniel Bonner as frightened fifteen year-old making an escape from a young offenders’ institution, incarcerated for a crime of which he is innocent.  During a harrowing escape he receives unexpected help from a total stranger who later becomes his mentor, to aid and abet his survival as a fugitive on the open moor. Daniel learns to trust him implicitly in what is seemingly an unbreakable friendship, and remains unaware that the stranger, Anthony Windrow, has a hidden, and altogether, sinister agenda.
At the time of his escape, Danny, unwittingly, sells his soul to the Devil, and nothing in this, or any other world comes free.  Anthony Windrow, hell’s second-in-command, otherwise known as the Chancellor, sets Daniel on a course to leave the moor and make his fortune, hoping that greed would be the catalyst to turn him into the perfect representative for the forces of evil in the living world. However, no one had counted on Daniels inbuilt sense of right and wrong.
With an act of selfless philanthropy he undermines the Chancellor’s plan, proving that his path through life is destined to carry him on a very different journey; to become the Chancellor’s nemesis.
Livid at the loss of what he had thought to be the perfect protégée, Windrow then makes a startling revelation in an attempt to draw him back to the dark fold.  He tells Daniel of his true identity and what his mission had been from the outset, and that ultimately there can be no escape. Danny’s world is rocked; his sense of betrayal and anger momentarily overwhelms him. However, anger quickly turns to hate – for both parties, and from that moment on it becomes a battle between the devil’s forces and violent counteraction, a conflict between good and evil, the dark and light forces, in the deadly game between mortal man and the Underworld whose revised intention is to now make Daniels life hell on earth.

The Chancellor has many tricks up his sleeve; vicious hordes of Tarquills, the Bruinscrofa, a terrifying beast – half boar, half bear. Bengie Slink, a particularly nasty and malevolent spirit, and a man already dead, sent up from the Holding Cage of Souls, with whom Danny has deep ties from the past.

But neither party had counted on the sudden appearance of Phillipe De Theiry, the long dead apparition of an aristocratic Frenchman trapped in the world of limbo. He offers himself as Danny’s guide and advisor in the great game; the first member in what is later to become the brotherhood.
Other members include Jesse, a poacher and moorland man, Jerry Green, the proprietor of a local curiosity shop, and Bryony Carter, whom Daniel saves from drowning in an abandoned quarry pool, and with whom he subsequently falls in love.

It is a relationship that would be greatly tested by Charles Millington, a mortal cohort of the Underworld given the task to undermine that love.
The story ends with an unpredictable twist.

With this his debut offering, Dominic Buffery is already raising the standards that define Paranormal Thrillers