Runner of The Dukeing Days

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Running for his life.
One of Monmouth’s followers captured after the Battle of Sedgemoor was a famous runner. According to legend, he was promised his freedom if he could outrun a wild horse. He was chained to an untamed stallion and raced across Somerset beside it and it is said that the sound of running feet and pounding hooves can still sometimes be heard near Westonzoyland. However, betrayal and bloody murder was in the mindset of men and as a result it was only a matter of time before a number of anguished souls would rise again.

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The Odyssey of Daniel Bonner


Book 1

The first chapter finds Daniel Bonner as frightened fifteen year-old making an escape from a young offenders’ institution, incarcerated for a crime of which he is innocent.  During a harrowing escape he receives unexpected help from a total stranger who later becomes his mentor, to aid and abet his survival as a fugitive on the open moor. Daniel learns to trust him implicitly in what is seemingly an unbreakable friendship, and remains unaware that the stranger, Anthony Windrow, has a hidden, and altogether, sinister agenda.

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About Dominic Buffery

dom_imageThe Author

Dominic Buffery has turned the world of Paranormal Thrillers on its head – his insightful and often moving stories are based on the events of life has and this is reflected in his prose.


He currently owns and runs two successful businesses but still finds time to sit at his desk not only writing new books but also revisiting and reworking manuscripts previously written and discarded.


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